Just like in life, appreciating the small things can bring great joy. As a writer and blogger, I have found a great outlet for my love of words – and as an artist, I have found photo-editing, painting, photography, knitting, and sewing to be my creative outlet beyond words.

My three main blogs are about living in Cork City as an expat American, knitting and sewing (and craftiness in general), and cooking.

Ever since I got ahold of my Grandfather’s 1940-era Underwood typewriter, I’ve wanted to be a writer. Of course, back then I imagined myself in a turret room overlooking a lake clanking away all day as a novelist, but no matter where the words end up, putting them together is part of who I am. No matter who reads my writing or where it gets published, it is my way of capturing the world in which I live to share, preserve, and document. My writing has brought me many places, from the days of being editor-in-chief of my campus newspaper to currently writing a blog and consulting on writing or publication design needs for small businesses. After moving to California and continuing my kitchen and writing hobbies while working a regular job, my recipes caught a little attention and gained a weekly newspaper column in West Virginia’s New Mountain Tribute then a column in California’s Whistlestop Magazine and now in Florida’s Hobe Sound Currents. My blogs share my recipes, knitting adventures, travel tales, expat adventures and everything in-between with the world.


Creativity can be felt with ideas, innovation, and the passion we each put into the work we love. My hope is to be involved in writing, design and photography projects which inspire my mind to spark ideas at all hours and fuel me to work to the best of my abilities to create something that can be useful yet enjoyable. After all, it is the partnership of those two elements that makes something a success. I am an avid shutterbug who happens to sell prints of my work. You can find them for sale onArtistRising.comAllPosters.com, and through my CafePress shops.


I do all my own photography for my blog posts. This is something I take enjoyment and pride in. Whether it is a batch of cookies or a dinner plate, I aim to bring you into my kitchen or dining room so you can almost taste the food. I styled and photographed every image below.

My philosophy when it comes to food styling is that if isn’t edible, it isn’t real. I only style food that can and will be eaten. The occasional bit must be discarded if it has been unrefrigerated and under the lights for too long, but my aim is to bring out the true beauty of REAL food. No sunless tanner spray or glycerin at all.

Currently, I am learning about food styling through projects with Margaret Smith, founder and instructor at UmNumNum cookery school, and Neil Danton, professional photographer.


I consult as Publication & Web Content Editor for The Baldwin Group, Inc.

Look for my column, Green Cotton, in the Florida newspaper, Hobe Sound Currents.

In an article (The online reviewers who can make you, or break you, 17 February 2012) in The London TimesDaisy Greenwell mentioned and included a photo of me related to my participation as a reviewer on TripAdvisor


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